Mayfly Cider real Craft Cider made in Hertfordshire

Mayfly Cider is a family run cidery based near Cottered in East Hertfordshire.  We are dedicated to the revival of traditional cider making in Hertfordshire.  

Our cider is real cider because it is pressed by hand and  we use 100% natural apple juice which is slow fermented to dryness to give the cider a full flavour.   It is fermented and matured in stainless steel tanks which ensures the highest quality cider with a clean taste.   

We currently sell our cider to licensed premises and events only and do not sell to the general public.  However, we do take our mobile bar to many events throughout Herts, Beds, Essex and Cambs and at these events you can buy take out pots and boxes as well as cider by the pint.   You can also place orders via e mail to us which can be collected at our events Check on our Try our Ciders page for details of our calendar as well as information on local pubs which stock our cider.  Our mobile bar serves ciders by the pint and half pint out of biodegradable plastics.  As well as our classic craft ciders we also serve a range of interesting flavoured ciders.

Created by Lynne Premadasa